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Book Four


E. Rohan Amerasekera

Second Edition 1969


Why is one born with fine mental and moral qualities and another weak in mind and character? Why is one born to be sick and infirm and another strong and healthy? Why should one be an infant prodigy and another an idiot? Why has a virtuous, holy and wise man to live in poverty while another, vicious, wicked and foolish is favoured with wealth and comfort? Neither chance nor accident can cause these disparities in a well-regulated Universe. They happen not by chance nor by accident but in accordance with natural laws. Hence we seek solutions to these conundrums in Natures' Laws for it is in nature that we live, move and have our being.


All life, energy and intelligence are in Nature and Nature fills the Universe. All occurrences in Nature are conditioned by vibrations. Each thing in Nature has its own vibration, its own frequency and its own wavelength. The Universe is a mass of vibrations of different frequencies and varying wavelengths. We are individual vibrational fields within Nature's Vibrational Field. All knowledge and power exist as vibrations in Nature. We live in Nature but we have no access to the knowledge and power around us. What separates us? What is the barrier between Ignorance and Knowledge, the barrier between suffering and happiness?


Stones, trees, living beings and other visible objects have low frequency vibrations. Sound, light, colour, rays of the sun are high frequency vibrations. Music is a common vibration known to all of us. There are musical vibrations in the air everywhere. Unnoticed and unthought-of  these musical vibrations pass through your room but unless a radio receiver is tuned on to the desired frequency and wavelength, there will be no music that your senses can enjoy. Musical vibrations like many other finer vibrations are inter-penetrating. Music of many nations exists in the same room at the same time without mutually obstructing each other. Similarly many known and unknown vibrations penetrate each other and exist one within another. The finer vibrations penetrate or exist within coarser vibrations. The coarser vibrations can be seen or sensed. Others like electricity though not seen are generally known and utilized. There are yet others that are not generally known but are attracted to similar vibrations or to those who tune themselves to their frequencies.

Each thought is a vibration. Thought gives the initial impetus for human vibrations. The thought comes first. It is the prelude to each action. Of all human vibrations thought vibrations are the most powerful. Greed, envy, lust are bad thoughts. Bad thoughts are low frequency vibrations and low human vibrations make the Barrier. The continual piling up of low vibrations widens the Barrier between you and the powerful and useful high frequency vibrations of Nature. They keep you away from knowledge and happiness. Thought is from the mind. Hence the mind is the source of all sorrow and of all happiness. Mind control is essential to remove evil, to think good and do good. Mind control is essential to rid yourself of bad thoughts. To rid the mind of bad thoughts is not easy nor is it easy to cultivate good thoughts but an effort has to be made as there is no other way to happiness. Cultivate good thoughts and good actions will flow. Rid the mind of bad thoughts and happiness will follow. You cannot cultivate good thoughts or remove bitterness without a determined effort to control your wondering mind. A determined effort needs the exercise of all the will power you can command. This is the only way to cleanse the mind of all evil thought, to purify the mind and gain access to the fast vibrations of knowledge and power, health and happiness. Bad thoughts caused the initial separation and they continue to keep us apart. Bad thoughts are the cause of all our suffering and all our woe. A bad thought is the cause, suffering its effect. Every occurrence is based on cause and effect.


One drives a car at an excessive speed and meets with an accident. The cause and effect are seen at once. A man robs a Bank, is caught six months later and is imprisoned. Cause and effect are not immediate but are seen in one's own lifetime. A Mastermind commits a well-planned murder and gets away with it. He is not caught and is not seen to suffer in this life. His crime will stay with him and there is no release until he suffers for his crime in the next or a subsequent birth. There is no escape but only a delay. These late effects produce the deformed child, the idiot, the sick and the infirm. The deceitful learn their lessons through suffering either in this birth or in another. The virtuous, holy and wise man lives in poverty in this existence for a wrong he got away with in a previous birth. The vicious, wicked and the foolish man is now favoured with wealth and comfort for some good he did in a past life. Each individual receives according to his thoughts and his actions. Each gets what he deserves in this birth itself or in another. A pardon cannot be obtained by the performance of religious rites and rituals. The poison in you is diluted only through a change in the attitude of mind. The inner thoughts and not external exhibitions that matter. It is only through the refinement of your thought that you can dilute your poison. To deceive oneself is as bad as to deceive another. Many who appear virtuous and holy are only externally so. They try to rationalize or persuade themselves that they are doing what is right. They justify their wrong actions and satisfy themselves without a critical examination of their thoughts, but this way of thinking does not register good vibrations. They do not affect the laws of Nature. Just as your touch leaves a finger impression on glass, your innermost thoughts leave their impressions around you and affect your vibrational field. Your innermost secrets, the secrets that you do not admit even to yourself, are also thoughts that leave impressions. It is not what you make yourself believe but that which your inner consciousness vibrates that affect you. Your thoughts, your innermost thoughts cause your suffering. You yourself cause your suffering and not a cruel fate.


Men faced with problems and troubles, give in lazily and weakly and accept defeat with the meaningless query and answer. "What can I do ? This is my Karma." Karma is regarded as Fate and Fate as a mysterious something that arbitrarily directs our affairs. Men often pose as the poor victims of a cruel Fate. There is never a victim, there is never an injustice. He who works will receive remuneration according to his work with which to support his family. The work is the cause, remuneration according to his work the effect. He that is lazy will move his family towards poverty and suffering. Your laziness is the cause poverty and suffering are the effects. There is neither a cruel Fate nor an unjust God. Man is his own Friend or Foe. There are many who will starve to death rather than work for a living. Those who do not work cannot expect comfort. You get nothing you do not deserve. You deserve your suffering and you deserve your happiness. To take your family out of poverty and suffering is in your own hands. By covering up your laziness, by blaming Fate you cannot avoid suffering. When you have a false sense of values, when you do not accept and perform work which you think is below your dignity, if you would rather idle and live on charity, you will suffer and the blame for your suffering rests on you. Karma is only cause and its effect. Your laziness is the cause, and poverty its effect. Prosperity is the effect or hard work. Hatred or bitterness is the cause and suffering its effect. You will not receive benefits nor will you suffer without a cause. You are your own Master. Your future is in your hands to make or mar according to your wishes. You can choose prosperity, health and happiness or poverty, disease and suffering. If you do not like suffering you can change for the better and the time to start is now. Do not wait to blame a cruel Fate for your misery, or the unhappy events of your life.


A thought or action that generates bitterness, harms or makes another sad or angry, is of Hate. Such a thought affects the Personal Vibrational Field of the offender as well as that of the offended. The latter, annoyed and angry, is forced into bitter thoughts and bad vibrations. The hate vibration of the offender vibrates, attracts, meets and interlocks with similar vibrations from the offended. Both remain inter-locked and neither is free until each finds it possible to forgive the other. To forgive one's enemy is a difficult exercise for the mind, but without it there is no escape from suffering. Repentance is a thought that emanates a good vibration, one that dilutes or removes poisonous feelings. Repentance is not complete until it is made possible for the offended person also to overcome his annoyance and anger. Mere words are insufficient. I am sorry or I forgive you are useless without an internal adjustment. Only thoughts free of hate and bitterness remove suffering. Greed, envy, avarice, jealousy, lust, anger and bitterness emanate vibrations of hate. Greed is a desire to get for yourself what another has. To envy another's position or possession is a wish to have a thing that belongs to another. Jealousy is similar. Why should they have everything. Why have I not got what they have. I am not so lucky as my neighbour, are expressions of bitterness. You worry, fret and suffer mentally and physically because of these thoughts. Greed, lust, anger or ill will towards your fellow beings cause worry and fear. Worry and fear cause mental and physical ailments. Rid your mind of them if you wish to be happy and contented. The greatest possession in the world is a contented mind. A contended mind will restore your equilibrium and your happiness.


Large objects, small particles of matter, the microbes, neutrons, electrons and protons are all in a state of equilibrium. The upsetting of this stability produces varying effects from a ripple on water or the gentle motion of a pendulum to a devastating blast of a nuclear explosion.Sorrow and joy, life and death, poison and antidote blend into a co-existing mass of opposites. This is the Universe. Plants inhale that which man exhales and vice versa. This is Nature's Law. The entire Universe is controlled by natural laws. The dead and the dirt of many nations combine in the wholesome waters of the ocean. Poisonous gases released daily into the atmosphere would destroy all mankind had nature not provided a reaction that neutralizes and converts poisons into something in which life can continue. The entire Universe strives to be in a state of equilibrium with opposites balancing each other. It is the upsetting of this balance that keeps man away from the good things of Nature. It is the upsetting of your own equilibrium that causes your sorrow and your suffering. Your stomach upset causes you discomfort. A part of you gets upset and causes sorrow and suffering to the whole being. When the part is set right, the whole being is happy. You are a part of the whole that is the Universe. If you make any other part unhappy you must expect to suffer as a result. If you seek happiness for yourself you must strive to bring happiness to others. Good attracts good, evil attracts evil. Sow sorrow and reap sadness. Sow joy and reap Happiness. Nature has to be calm and serene. If you upset Nature's balance by upsetting life, energy or mind of another you must expect an upset in your own life, your own health and mental condition. This is cause and effect. This is Karma.


Those who wish to break the Barrier of unhappiness must strive for attunement with the faster, finer vibrations of Nature. Those who seek attunement with the faster, finer vibrations of Nature must study and understand Nature. Some of Nature's secrets are known but many more are unknown. We trust now go from the known to the unknown. An X-ray for instance is a fast, fine vibration, which can penetrate into and through a body although it cannot be seen. There are many vibrations that are too fast and too fine for our sense organs but like music in a radio-less room they exist. Provided we have the know how to tune ourselves to their frequencies we can use them for our well being. Our thoughts are sending out vibrations, which can be picked up by anyone who can tune into the frequency of thought. This is telepathy. Just as your thoughts vibrate in Nature all other thoughts also do. As knowledge is from thought all knowledge vibrates in Nature. This source of knowledge can also be tapped provided we make the effort to get in tune. If we wish to draw knowledge from this source, we must get in tune with the finer thought vibrations in Nature. Similarly, everything in the Universe is vibrating in Nature and we can get access to this store of knowledge and power by getting in tune with the infinite source of the fastest and finest vibrations which we will call the Infinite. Energy is a vibration. Healing energy is also a vibration in Nature. Little cuts and bruises in our bodies are healed by Nature, but Nature within us is insufficient to heal bigger wounds. However, there is nature not only within us but also without. There is an inexhaustible supply of healing power in Nature only if we know how to draw from it. If we can get in tune with the Infinite, we can have access to all healing power. This health restoring energy has been tapped by many, and is available to all who make the effort to get in tune with that particular vibration in Nature. Similarly, you can have access to and draw from all vibrations that exist.


Good and Bad are separated by their own vibrational differences. No two vibrations are the same though there are many kindred vibrations. Only like vibrations can mix. A finer vibration can penetrate a coarser but not vice versa. Sunlight goes through glass, the X-ray penetrates the body and water seeps through wood. The fine, the dense and the denser are separated by their own vibrational quality. When your mind is free from avarice, envy, greed, lust, anger and bitterness, and as your mind is purified your vibrations become faster and finer. Your fast and fine vibrations attract similar fast and fine vibrations in Nature. Prayer is but a vibration or a collection of vibrations. They attract other vibrations. When you are pure in mind your prayers attract the fastest and finest vibrations. When you are pure in mind your prayers are answered. When you are pure in mind your very wishes are prayers. When you are pure in mind your wishes are also fulfilled. When you are pure in mind all doors to knowledge open before you. You are then in tune with the Infinite. Thus you breach the Barrier of Unhappiness, end suffering and you attain Enlightenment and Eternal Happiness.


All that is known to the Seekers of Eternal Bliss Should be practiced by those who wish to progress in life. They become dedicated to their work, Straight, very straight, not stubborn, humble and not proud. They are easy to satisfy, easy to associate with, Not distracted by too many interests, of simple ways, calm and wise. Without cunning, without attachment to caste or race, They abstain from the ways that wise men blame. They always think -May all beings be well and happy, May they all live without fear May their hearts be filled with happiness Be they meek or bold, big or small Be they far or near

Those that live or those yet to be born May they all be well and happy. Let no one deceive another Let no one lead another astray, Let no one make another angry, Let no one make another sad, Let no one take delight in another's misery. Just as a Mother at the risk of life Loves and protects her only son, So let us show our love and protection To all beings without exception Whether they live north or south, Are Prosperous or poor. Without anger, without bitterness Let us have a loving heart towards them. Sitting, standing, sleeping or waking Keep these thoughts in mind, Those of us who purge ourselves of Greed and bitterness, Will attain progress and Eternal Bliss.