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Book Six


E. Rohan Amerasekera

This book is dedicated to my dear friend Mr. D.C.O.T.Ameresekere.

21st May 1970



If all eyes were the same, we would all see alike. The same thing will appear beautiful or ugly to all of us alike, but objects do appear different to different beings. One woman attracts one man, another woman another. A woman that attracts one may repel another. A female ape is undoubtedly a most desirable and attractive creature to a male ape. A female rhinoceros
will make a beautiful wife to a rhinoceros. A hawk viewing from afar could see things that no human eye could see. Yet all these are viewed with eyes, eyes that look alike.

Objects such as bones inside a body cannot be seen with the naked eye, but seen through an X-ray, the flesh seems to disappear. A thing appears to be one thing to one eye and another thing to another eye. All things appear real, but they are only Relatively Real. All things are only seen or experienced in relation to the organ or object through which they are viewed and the element or environment to which they belongs.

A dog has a good scent and could detect smells that appear non-existent to man. Maggots feast on carcasses the smell of which would revolt any human. Smell, taste and touch also appear the same, but are different. Everything in the universe seems changeable and unreal. Everything seems an illusion.

Either all that we see and experience are illusions, or in the midst of all that is changeable and Relatively Real there is something that is Permanent and Absolutely Real. Unless we ourselves are illusions, all that we see and experience cannot be illusions. Therefore, in the midst of all that is liable to change or are changing, there is something that is Permanent; in the midst of all that is Relatively Real, there is something that is Absolutely Real; something, though not perceivable through known senses, though not detectable through known equipment, is Permanent and is, therefore, Absolutely Real. What is it?

All that is known are compounds consisting of two or more properties. All compounds, however solid and permanent they may appear to be, do change. Each compound is formed by the coming together of two or more smaller particles. If two or more particles have got together, they will also separate. If there is a compound, there has also to be something that is not a compound, something we could call a primordial particle or an original cell. If, therefore, compounds are split and continue to be split into simpler properties until something so simple is found that it cannot be reduced any further, we would reach the primordial substance, or the original substance, from which everything else came into being. Each primordial cell would be the equivalent of a brick or a building block used in engineering. It will be a Nature's Building Block.


Having reduced Matter to irreducible primordial cells, let us see what these cells contain. From what we see around us we have to accept that there is intelligence in evolution. Besides intelligence we also see energy, life and other forces in the universe. If intelligence, life, energy, matter, magnetism and other forces were distinct and separate properties in the universe and existed independently of each other, there could be no activity whatsoever for each is helpless without the other; matter cannot move without energy; energy cannot develop without intelligence; intelligence cannot bring together and hold together anything without magnetism or other property that can attract. Unless they were together, intelligence, energy, life, magnetism and matter would have either remained static for ever or a force external to them would have activated each of them and coordinated their common activities. This new force, if such a force existed, would have one major defect. It could have no intelligence. Intelligence, being one of the independent forces that the new force is called upon to co-ordinate, is outside the new force. Therefore, such a force has to be without intelligence.

It is not possible for a force without intelligence, to co-ordinate intelligence, energy or anything else in a rational way. It is not possible for intelligence to act on its own nor is it possible for any other single property to operate separately. All of them have to be together and act together. Therefore, energy, intelligence, life and everything else in the universe are not different properties and different forces, but different aspects of a single force in the same way as hands and legs are different limbs of the same person. A single force with everything in the universe as a part and parcel of its nature can only be an original cell. Each tiny and invisible cell contains the power to attract and hold other cells together and the energy and the intelligence to mould these cells in a rational way. A force such as can be expected from a powerful and intelligent Electro-magnetic wave flows through and vibrates from each cell.

Each cell of the original substance has to be a miniature universe. There can be nothing outside it except other cells like itself. Each primordial cell has not only to be self-contained, but it has also to be in a perfect state of balance. It has to be in Absolute Equilibrium. In a very rough way the balance in each original cell may be compared to that of a coconut. If we place a coconut in water, it will gradually roll over and settle in a position where the surface through which the roots must grow will lie on the water and the side through which the trunk grows will face the sky. Turn the coconut as you will, but it will, over a period of time, return to the same position. Perhaps a more familiar example is a weighted doll. This doll, with a weight on the rounded lower section, will readjust itself whenever it is toppled. Push its head to the ground and it will immediately jump into its original sitting position. In like manner whenever or wherever equilibrium of the primordial cell is upset, the forces within will restore the balance. These forces that restore the balance are called the Laws of Nature. The law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and the law of cause and effect are the most familiar in philosophy. Each original cell, therefore, is self-contained, in absolute equilibrium and perfect in every way. Each original cell is Perfection Personified.


We have seen that each and every force in the universe is only a different aspect of an original cell. We have seen that energy is one of these aspects. Let us now see what order of energy we can expect to find in a cell. Sometime back the atom was the smallest known particle. That has since been split. On splitting, the energy released was vast. No one could have imagined that so much could have been contained in so little. The atom was a compound. The covering in any compound comes into existence only after the joining together of its constituent cells. Therefore, any compound must have a weaker covering than the cells within it. The molecule formed by the getting together of atoms must have a weaker covering than the atoms. The atom has to have a weaker covering than electrons. The weaker the covering, the lesser the energy it can hold within its covers. The large molecules hold less energy than atoms, atoms less than electrons and so on.

The atom was split, but electrons, protons and neutrons remain mysteries. It may be possible to split them also. If they can be split, the electrons, being smaller than the atoms, must release energy of an order that could not possibly be contained in the larger atom. The electrons move about inside atoms. As they could not move in a vacuum, there has to be another medium within the atom in which they can travel. The particles of this medium have to be even finer than the electrons. The particles of this medium may also be compounds that could be split and split again until the original cell is reached. The energy within each original cell has to be greater than in any combination of cells in existence. It has to be many times mightier than the mighty atom. Because of its power and nature, it deserves a special name. Let us use capitals and call each original cell, each original building block, IT.


IT cannot be reduced and therefore IT cannot change. IT is permanent. IT is Absolutely Real. Everything else is only Relatively Real. Everything else is made of IT. There is nothing new in the universe outside of that which is contained in IT. The entire scientific knowledge is with IT. All knowledge is in each Primordial Cell. The universe is a system that moves with exact precision. Everything is precise. Nothing happens by chance. Nothing is new. Everything that appears new to us is only a manifestation, an unfolding of the next stage, the stage of the cycle to which we belong. There are no inventions, but only discoveries or rediscoveries of knowledge found before, then lost, found again and lost again. Everything is a repetition of that which existed before. Some occurrences will be repeated less often than others, some will be rarer than others, but everything goes round like a giant wheel. There is a rise and then a fall, a fall and then a rise. The size of the wheels vary as in concentric circles. The cycle of repetition varies from intervals of a few seconds as in breathing to cycles that repeat themselves thousands or millions of years apart as in the formation of rocks, the wasting away of mountains or the heating and cooling of planets. But without beginning and without end the cycle goes on.

Nature is a cycle of changes of Primordial Cells. The sum total of Primordial Cells, the entirety of the Primordial Substance, is Nature. Everything in the universe is in Nature. We can call everything around us Nature or we can call it God. Nature and God are the same. You can call it what you like. They will remain the same. God is not a person with head, hands and legs like us, but is the All Embracing Force, the All Powerful, All Knowing Intelligence. Each original cell is a repository of power and wisdom. God is the sum total of these original cells. We are little gods. Each of us is a smaller collection, a smaller entity of the same cells. Being little gods, the source of the power is within us. Yet we are in darkness. The flow from within is interrupted. The circuit is broken.


God is the Power Station of the universe. God is the Source of all power. Everything radiates from the Source. The Source is each uncluttered and crystal clear Original Cell. Everything radiates from there. Hot and cold waves, light waves, thought waves, Sound waves radiate from there. As seen from the television and the cinema screen, even colours and pictures are radiations. All these radiations are in the air. All these radiations are in the primordial substance of which we are a part. We are a collection of Original Cells. A collection of Original Cells is an entity. Each of us is an entity or an ego. All the light and knowledge in the Original Cells is in each entity. It is in each of us. Yet this light does not surface, so we are in darkness; this knowledge is hidden from us, so we are in ignorance.

Power stations supply electricity to our cities. Our houses are wired so that the electric current from the source can come into the house. The rooms have bulbs to receive the light, but before a bulb can illuminate the room, the main current has to be permitted to enter the bulb. The current is prevented front entering the bulb because there is a break in the circuit. The wiring that connects the power from the source to the bulb is disconnected. We complete the circuit with the aid of a switch. When the switch is on, the circuit is completed and the current is permitted to enter the bulb. The current from the source is always ready to flow into the bulb, but it has to be permitted to enter.

All the power, the light and knowledge we will ever need is within us. Each Original Cell in us contains all. Our minds are the bulbs awaiting illumination. The source of the current is within, but we are not receiving the current. The flow or circuit is broken. If there is a power failure in the house, we do not blame the source, but check the bulb, the fuses, plugs or the wiring that brings the current from the source to the bulb. We find the fault and rectify it. If we find the flow of power from the cells within us disconnected, we must do the same. We must locate the fault and do whatever is necessary to let the current flow through again. We know that the light and the knowledge in the original cell within us is not illuminating our minds. There is a fault somewhere. Let us examine the cells and their combinations to see where the fault lies.


The original substance could be likened to water. Mist and fog are both water vapour. Mist is the thin, flimsy, transparent water vapour that allows reasonably good visibility. Fog is very thick mist. At ground level the mist that thickens and leads to bad visibility is fog. In the skies a collection of water vapour becomes cloud. What pours down from a cloud is rain. In solid form it is ice. They are different appearances of the same substance. The Original Cells are to the universe what water-droplets are to the ocean. Each water-droplet has the same properties as any other in the ocean. Individually or collectively all water-droplets will continue to possess the same properties and be one with the rest of the ocean. The drop in the Indian Ocean has the same properties and qualities as the drop in the Pacific or the Atlantic. They are all drops in our visible ocean. In the invisible ocean the Original Cells are the drops in the vast and mighty ocean we call the universe. Just as water-droplets get together to form waves, Nature's Building Blocks get together to form each and every shape in existence. The combinations range from the coarse to the coarsest in tangibles and from the fine to the finest in intangibles. The thinnest and the thickest, the transparent and the opaque, are formed of the same original substance. The softest and the hardest, the wool and the steel, are also made of the same cells.

Carrying the analogy of water-droplets a little further, we see what happens when these cells get together and form thicker and coarser layers. Shallow water is transparent. The ground under the shallow part of a lake could be seen clearly. As the take gets deeper and deeper as the layers of water get thicker and thicker, the transparency reduces until the bottom of the lake cannot be seen. In very deep waters only a few of the top layers will be transparent, the rest will be hidden by the mass of water above. The piling together of the Original Cells has a similar effect. In the thinnest layers the cells would be as clear as crystal, but as the layers of cells get thicker and thicker they will become less and less transparent until the entire thing will be too dense to penetrate. The thick and the thin vibrations around us act in the same way. Our thoughts vibrate. Thought vibrations are, in fact, the most powerful of all in the universe. The layers of coarse and fine vibrations formed by our thoughts affect us. Their affect will become clearer after we take a glimpse at other radiations including sound frequencies.


Energy, knowledge, magnetism and every conceivable property in the universe radiate from Cells. The radiations which come direct from Original Cells are the clearest. These are the unobstructed radiations from the thinnest layers. The thickening of the layers cause obstructions and distortions. When layers are thick and coarse, they become distorted, weak and even useless. Radiations may be coarse and fine or audible and inaudible. Hot and cold waves, magnetic and light waves, are inaudible. Colours and pictures are inaudible. Radio beams are of the other type, the audible waves. Depending on development, both this audible and the inaudible radiations from the Original Cells can be sensed with any or all our sense

The sun, with its dazzling light, consists of primordial cells. This light passes through other substances before they come to us and yet continue to be bright. Therefore, the light waves direct from the cells, light waves in their purest and clearest form, have to be more brilliant than any ray from the sun. The purest and clearest rays from the primordial cells, if we can see them, will appear as a flash brighter than lightening. However, as Nature's cells combine, they obstruct each other and cast shadows. As the cluster gets thicker, the transparency reduces. The top layers cast shadows, obstruct and distort the light waves coming out from within. The thicker the layer, the greater the darkness. Thus the shadows and the obstructions prevent men with thick, coarse vibrations from seeing or sensing the finest in Nature.

The thickening of layers affect sound also. The thicker the layer, the thicker the sound barrier; the thicker the barrier, the weaker the reception until soundproofing is reached. This is the state of total ignorance where no information, no knowledge, can come through. Those with thick, coarse vibrations must, therefore, remain ignorant and miss the finer pleasures of life.

All knowledge in the universe is in the Cells. Knowledge issues forth through the Cells in waves. Pulses from these Cells carry all knowledge and are in the air at all times. They are within you and around you. They are in your room now. All this information can be received in the same way as a radio picks up the news bulletin from your room. To do this your receiving set has to be first class. You have to purify your own vibrations to improve your receptive power; you must refine your nature to enable you to adjust or tune your internal receiver to receive the purest vibrations from within.

Anyone who is able to tune into the frequency at which unobstructed Cells vibrate, and is able to vibrate together with their purest radiations, can have access to all the knowledge as well as anything else in the universe. Anyone can develop any or all senses, including the third eye. Anyone can develop psychic powers, anyone can be clairvoyant, anyone can develop his higher self. Anyone can have access to this source of all power and knowledge if he removes the barriers made by himself. You are preventing the all-powerful current from illuminating your mind. You are preventing the universal knowledge from reaching you. You are placing obstructions in the way of the healing power within you from reaching your ailments. You are suffering because of your own uncharitable thoughts.


We are suffering unnecessarily. We are suffering because we do not remember that each and every one of us is only a collection of the Original Cells. Each of us is only a part of the whole that is Nature. Our destiny is to be together and be one with the whole. There has to be a oneness in nature. Our separation causes our suffering, Your separation from your follow-beings causes your suffering. "All who inherit this earth Whatever be their rank or worth Are kindred and allied by birth And made of the same clay."

Your selfishness, your want of kindness, compassion and consideration leads to your separation from your fellow-beings. Your lack of fellow-feeling upsets your inner self. The knowledge in the cells within you, your inner consciousness or conscience, is aware of your selfishness and your lack of consideration for others. Unknown to your outer self, your own sense of guilt, stirring deep within you, upsets your equilibrium. When your equilibrium is upset you suffer. Your lack of charity causes your suffering. Donations to temples, building of dagobas, alms given to priests and the feeding of beggars are recognized acts of charity. But these acts of charity are of no avail when your heart is full of bitter feelings. Charity without feeling or mechanical charity is of no avail. External expressions are useless when there are bitter feelings within you. Artificially you offer thousands to charity, but sincerely you cannot even spare a good thought for your neighbour. You think ill of him, you speak ill of him and you have no consideration for him. You are so bitter and upset about others that you have headaches and sleepless nights. Your suspicions give you nightmares. Your hatred gives you ulcers. Your envy, greed, jealousy, lust, anger and bitterness bring all your suffering. If you wish to avoid suffering, you must hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and above all feel no evil towards your neighbour. Your neighbour is not just the man next door. The man next door is one of your neighbours. Each and every man, woman and child in the world is your neighbour. All people in the human family are made of the same cells. If you are not kind to any of them, if you have unkind thoughts, your mind cannot be at peace. When your mind is not at peace you suffer. You suffer because you lack charity of thought. You can own billions. You can give away millions. You can build churches, temples, homes for the aged and the destitute. You can clothe the poor and feed the hungry, but you will not have peace of mind unless you have charity of thought. Charity of Thought is the Best Charity.


Each man is what he has made himself during his past lives; if he had developed good qualities in them, he possesses these good qualities now; if he neglected to train himself, if he was unkind, if he was selfish, if he indulged in pleasures without discrimination, and consequently left himself weak and of evil disposition, he finds himself precisely in that condition now. The qualities, good or evil, with which he is born are those he has made for himself. Past memories are the basis of your thoughts in this life. These thoughts keep welling up within you all the time. Your better nature is engaged in a bitter mental struggle with the evil thoughts that well up within you. Your "pleasurable" experiences of this life as well as of previous lives, well up and urge repetition. Such desires, if not curbed, have to be satisfied, often at the expense of fellow-beings. Envy, greed, jealousy, lust, anger and bitterness are all directed against follow-beings. When evil thoughts are directed towards others, the nobler self, which fortunately is active in the worst of us, revolts within. Then there is turmoil. You may not be conscious of it, but there is turmoil within caused by this clash between the good and bad desires. This turmoil makes you mentally and physically sick. Most of your life you are mentally and physically disturbed. You have no Peace of Mind.

All the ingredients for your Peace of Mind are in you. Truth, Love of Peace, Compassion and consideration for others, the desire for companionship and good neighbourliness are within each of us. Through our neglect the good has, by slow degrees, been suppressed and evil tendencies have taken their place. But for each vice there is a contrary virtue. Just as through development of vices our virtue was suppressed, the vices can again be overcome by deliberately developing virtue. A selfish man who is in the habit of thinking only of himself, pleasing himself, consulting only his own convenience or his pleasure without due thought of the effect it will have upon others, can, if he realizes his fault, set to work to form exactly the opposite habit. He can set to work to make a practice, before doing anything, of thinking how it will affect all those around him. If he sets himself habitually to help others and make others happy even though it be at the cost of some trouble and inconvenience to himself, it will, in time, become a pleasurable habit which will replace selfishness.

Similarly if a man finds himself with the tendency towards wanting more and more, he must, to overcome this desire, go out of his way to be specially generous. If he finds himself to be irritable, he must train himself in calmness. In every case the existence of an evil quality in the personality means a lack of the corresponding good quality in the ego. Fill the gap by developing a good quality until it completely replaces the bad. This way you purify your vibrations and break your barriers. This way you avoid that inner conflict and satisfy the inherent inner urge to do good and be good. This way you gain Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind or Perfect Peace is the ultimate aim and object of all Seekers of the Truth. Perfect Peace is Perfect Happiness.


Due to the turmoil within us a sense of separation has sprung up not only with our fellow-beings, but also with the All Embracing Force within us, the All Powerful, All Knowing Intelligence we call Nature or God. We long to be at peace again, and pray that we may still our throbbing heads in order to listen to the inner voice, in order to re-establish our oneness with God. "There is no way to pray other than to make of oneself a stillness, a quietness, a peacefulness and a listening ear. Prayer that contains words and thoughts meant to reach God is not really prayer at all. True prayer has neither words nor thoughts, because it has no desires except one: to know God's Will, to hear Him aright, to be a fitting instrument for His Grace. With that one exception prayer is desire less. It is a desire less state of being which opens the way for God's Will to be known and made evident." Prayer is that inner stillness while waiting for God's voice. God's thoughts are within you. Be still and let God speak to you. Be still and let the Power Within flood you. Be still and pave the way for the greatest Reunion, Be still and rejoin the Power Within.