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 A sample from the section on Orders



The Imperial Service Order and its medal was instituted in August 1902 by King Edward VII, for rewarding meritorious services of members of the Civil Service throughout the empire. The recipients usually had to serve for 25 years at home, 20 years in India or 16 years in other colonies. This order is of a single class and does not carry the honour of a knighthood. Companions of the Order can use the post-nominal letters ISO. Women have been admitted to this order since August 1908.

The Badge consists of a circular plaque of gold with the Royal Cypher in the centre, surrounded by the words, FOR FAITHFUL SERVICE, in bark blue. The badge worn by men is set on an eight pointed silver star with the top point covered by a crown. The badge for women is set on a laurel wreath of silver.

The Ribbon is watered red with a central light blue stripe.




The Imperial Service Medal

Members of the lower grades in the Civil Service who are not eligible for the ISO maybe awarded the Imperial Service Medal (ISM). Originally the ISM was the same design as the ISO, with a centre plaque of silver and set on a bronze star or wreath. It was changed to a circular silver medal in 1920, with the obverse bearing the sovereign's head and usual titles and the reverse depicts a symbolic design of a man at rest with the legend FOR FAITHFUL SERVICE, in the exergue. The medal was named around the edge.

The Ceylon Police Departmental Orders of 1939, D.O.7 (Medals), states-

Imperial Service Medal: This decoration may be awarded on retirement to officers on the permanent staff, not being members of the Administrative or Clerical branches who have performed 25 years' specially meritorious service.


All awards of the ISO and ISM are published in the London Gazette.



List of recipients of the ISO in Ceylon-

In Chronological Order

Name Date

Colin Alexander Murray ISO                                                                                           29.05.1903

Henry Luttrell Moysey ISO                                                                                              29.05.1903

Frederick William Vane ISO                                                                                            29.05.1903

Edward De Kretser ISO                                                                                                     29.05.1903

Asst.Controller of Revenue (Office of the Controller of Revenue, Ceylon)

Leonard Creasy ISO                                                                                                           30.06.1905

Gerard Grenier ISO                                                                                                            30.06.1905

Registrar, Supreme Court, Ceylon. Retired 1907.

The Hon Bernard Senior CMG ISO                                                                29.06.1906

Treasurer & Commissioner of Stamps, General Treasury, Ceylon.

Willem Sperling Christoffelsz ISO                                                                                   29.06.1906

Office Asst. to the Colonial Secretary, Ceylon. 1913. He served in the Govt.Clerical Service in the Colonial Secy's Office from 1.8.1866.


Col. Edward Campbell Davies ISO VD                                                                            24.06.1910

Born on 11.7.1849 and was an Engineer in the Government Factory (7.9.1878). He was connected with the Canadian Volunteers and joined the CLI as First Lieutenant on 29.7.1881 (Regt# 779). He obtained his company on 27.7.1888 and was appointed Honourary Major on 23.7.1896. He was promoted Major on 12.8. 1898 and appointed Hon.Lt.Col. on 31.12.1901. He was awarded the CAFOD 18.10.1901. He commanded the CLI from 10.2.1908 to 4.12.1911. He was awarded the Companion of the Imperial Service Order on Gazette No 6387 of 24.6.1910 in the Civil capacity as Factory Engineer, in the Government Factory. He attended the Coronation of King George V (accompanied by his wife) and was presented with the Coronation Medal at Buckingham Palace. Notification dated 4.12.1911 in the Gazette No 6478 of 8.12.1911 announced that Lt.Col. E C Davies ISO VD was placed on the retired list with the Honourary rank of Colonel and that Maj. John Gordon Frazer VD was promoted to the rank of Lt.Col. Col. Davies died in England in 1919.




James Edwin Christoffelsz ISO                                                                                         26.06.1908

Dr Charles Thomas Griffin ISO                                                                                         19.06.1911

William Charles Macready ISO                                                                                        03.06.1916

John Edward de Silva Surya Bandara ISO                                                                      03.06.1918

John Jeyaratnam Hensman ISO                                                                                         03.06.1927

Edwin Richard de Alwes Samarakoon ISO                                                                     11.05.1937

Charles Vincent Gooneratne ISO                                                                                       08.06.1939

William Theodore Loos ISO                                                                                               12.06.1941

Mudaliyar Sinattampi Vallipuram ISO                                                                             12.06.1941

Harold Pietersz William Melder ISO                                                                                 11.06.1942

James Cyril Wirekoon ISO                                                                                                   11.06.1942

Arthur Emmanuel Perera Wijeyagunewardene ISO                                                       02.06.1943

Vernon Eugene Frederick Arndt ISO                                                                                 08.06.1944

Benjamin Victor Sethukavaler ISO                                                                                     08.06.1944

Gerald Wickremasinghe ISO                                                                                               08.06.1944

Christopher Ernest Edmund Stork ISO                                                                              14.06.1945

Arthur Lionel Basil Ferdinand ISO                                                                                     10.06.1948

Vincent Leopold Peter Perera ISO                                                                                      09.06.1949

Clarence Alvin Leembruggen, ISO, MM                                                                            08.06.1950

A Ceylonese in the Fiji Civil Service

Cyrus Watkin Milly Oorloff MVO ISO MBE    08.06.1950

CLI, and the Governor General's Staff. See MVO for details

Cecil Theodore Perera ISO                                                                                                    08.06.1950

James Ernest Victor Peiris ISO                                                                                              07.06.1951

Aloysius Leon Perera Wijewardene ISO                                                                             07.06.1951

Maurice Leonard Claasz ISO                                                                                                 05.06.1952

Kandayah Chellappah Selvadurai ISO                                                                                01.06.1953

Warusahennedige Abraham Soysa Wijeratne ISO                                                             01.06.1953

Edgar Alexander van der Straaten ISO                                                                                 09.06.1955

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